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Briefing the Master Media Agency

Once a communications plan/strategy is complete, and the budget is confirmed, the next stage is to brief the appropriate media agency (brand or functional) and begin the media strategy and planning stage. If your creative is being developed externally it would be appropriate to brief your advertising/creative agency  concurrently with the media agency.

The media brief

The aim of the media brief is to provide the Master Media Agency with all of the relevant information to develop the most effective media strategy for your brand campaign. MEC, the Master Media Agency, has developed a briefing template to assist you in developing a thorough media briefing so that an appropriate media strategy can be developed. The template prompts for information relevant and helpful to the strategy and planning stage and will contribute to improved campaign outcomes. Please contact your MEC representative for a copy of the briefing template.

Please also note that MEC asks for a minimum of two weeks to respond to your brief. This timeframe is required in order to provide a considered and thorough response to your brief, allow time to investigate the target audience/s, and to produce a relevant media strategy and schedule. It also provides MEC the opportunity to explore value added opportunities with the chosen media.

If you have any questions when completing the briefing form please contact your MEC representative on 8366 4744.

Media strategy

The strategy is designed to provide the most appropriate media or combination of media to deliver the best result for the client. It includes a detailed analysis of the target audience, including their media and product consumption habits. This analysis relies on the use of media research and any appropriate client research.

Media planning

Following the development of a media strategy, a media plan is provided that outlines the specific media recommended, the timing and the weight of activity. A media schedule is provided to the client with the detailed media plan, and includes all media costs and the estimated reach and frequency of the campaign. Once written approval has been given for the media plan, MEC’s buyers will negotiate and book the advertising campaign with the media.