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Developing your communications plan

When preparing your communications plan/strategy you will need to consider the following topics. Please note that not all topics may be relevant to your campaign, but this is a useful guide:

  • Project/Campaign Name
  • Introduction - a brief overview to define the scope of the project
  • South Australian Strategic Plan/Seven Strategic Priorities Objectives - how your strategy contributes to achieving these objectives
  • Corporate Plan Objectives - the departmental objectives your communications strategy supports
  • Background/Situational Objectives - SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, market research
  • Project Management - the person responsible for the campaign as well as any contractors that will be used
  • Objectives of the Communications Plan - the specific objectives of the campaign
  • Target Audience - demographics, psychographics, geographic locations, specific interests, etc.
  • Outline any current activities that contribute to your communications objectives
  • Market Research - detail any research that may have been undertaken or is available that may assist your communications plan
  • Barriers/Critical Success Factors
  • Key Messages
  • Communication Strategies - outline the communications strategy or strategies that will be used to achieve your objectives (briefly touching on tactics for each)
  • Communications Tools/Tactics - provide the specific details of each selected communications strategy
  • Budget - an itemised breakdown of the total budget including all activity
  • Timing or Action Plan - a table with timeline of actions required to implement the activities outlined
  • Evaluation - how and when the plan will be evaluated

It is recommended to have your communications plan/strategy approved by your line manager and endorsed by relevant stakeholders.

Please click on the following link to download the Communications Plan Template.
Please click on the following link to download the Cabinet Submission Communications Planning Template.

If your communications plan has identified the need for advertising please click here.