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The Master Media Agency

Each year the Government of South Australia, through its agencies, purchases significant quantities of brand (campaign) and functional (including recruitment and public notices) advertising through the Master Media Agency (MMA) arrangement.

The MMA uses the combined spend of all government advertisers to generate significant discounts, bonuses and value added opportunities for government. The MMA also offers expert advice to help government agencies effectively plan, book and manage their media advertising.

The Government of South Australia has an MMA agreement with MEC to supply specialist services for the planning and booking of advertising media.

Note: Whilst MEC is responsible overall for the supply of these services, it does have a sub-contracting arrangement with another organisation. In general terms the division of operations is as follows:

MEC is responsible for: 

  • the MMA arrangement as a whole
  • brand (campaign) advertising
  • all invoicing (brand and functional)

Blaze Advertising is responsible for:

  • functional advertising (including recruitment and public notices).

The agreement commenced on 1 July 2015 for an initial three year period. Should successful service delivery occur during the initial term, the Premier has the option to extend the agreement with MEC until the 30 June 2020.

Who can use the MMA arrangement?

All South Australian Government departments, agencies and operating units are required to plan and book their media advertising through the MMA arrangement. This includes public authorities and instrumentalities of the Crown, and any organisation that is under the direction of a Minister of the Crown. See DPC Circular 009 - The Master Media Scheme for Government Advertising.

Contact information:

For details of opening hours and staffing levels for the 2016/17 Christmas and New Year period click here

For information on planning a media advertising campaign please visit Briefing Master Media Agency  or contact MEC on 8366 4744.
For information on placing a functional advertisement please visit Planning and Booking a Functional Advertisement  or contact Blaze Advertising on 8130 1900.
GCA is the contract administrator of the MMA agreement on behalf of whole of government. For information or feedback on the arrangement, please contact GCA.