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Preparing and implementing a campaign

To ensure the quality, value and effectiveness of government communications activities it is important that a campaign is strategically planned, accountable and adheres to government policies and procedures.

It is imperative that your communications activity aims to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Maximise compliance with the law
  • Achieve awareness of a new or amended law
  • Raise awareness of a planned or impending initiative
  • Ensure public safety, personal security or encourage responsible behaviour
  • Assist in the preservation of order in the event of a crisis or emergency
  • Promote awareness of rights, responsibilities, duties or entitlements
  • Encourage usage of, or familiarity with, government products or services
  • Encourage social cohesion, civic pride, community spirit, tolerance or to assist in the achievement of a widely supported public policy outcome
  • Increase tourism, investment or migration through promotion of the State
  • Generate economic activity or raise revenue for the State

A communications plan/strategy is an integral part of any brand or functional campaign and a requirement if your campaign needs to go through the Premier's Communications Advisory Group (PCAG) process. A well thought out and detailed communications plan/strategy will act as a base for media planning briefs and creative briefs and will assist in the campaign evaluation process.

Approval process

In order to be approved, all marketing communication, advertising, public information and promotional campaigns, regardless of the value of the activity, will need to go through the Premier’s Communications Advisory Group (PCAG) approval process.

You will need to go through the following steps for the PCAG approval process:

The approval process for marketing communications varies depending on the total value of the activities:

  • Under $20,000 (inc GST) in total
  • $20,000 to $200,000 (inc GST) in total
  • Over $200,000 (inc GST) in total

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