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Sponsorship and endorsements


Sponsorship proposals come in many forms offering diverse marketing opportunities, each unique in terms of size, location, audience, reach, objectives and benefits.

You may encounter sponsorship from two distinct perspectives; as the proposed sponsor or as the sponsored organisation.

The objective of sponsorship is to build an association between two organisations from which both will benefit. The decision to enter into a sponsorship agreement must be driven by sound business principles. A sponsorship proposal should be measured against its:

  • Contribution to the achievement of departmental/agency mission and strategic objectives
  • Ability to provide meaningful benefits to the department or agency
  • Cost effectiveness in relation to other available marketing and communications tools

When negotiating benefits for sponsorship we recommend that logo placement is not the main deliverable. This is particularly important where the South Australian Government is the principal sponsor or event host.

There are three types of logos available for sponsorship use – ‘Sponsored by’, ‘An initiative of’ and ‘Supported by’. Please click here to download logos.

Please remember Branding Guidelines apply and there may be no more than one government logo on any communication of any nature. If two or more agencies are involved then the Government of South Australia logo should be used.

If you are considering an advertising campaign to support your sponsorship, approval will be required from either GCA or PCAG, depending on the proposed budget. Click here for more information on the approval process.

Please refer to the Sponsorship Guidelines for further information.


Private sector endorsements

Official government public communications should:

  • Only include information and images that the government has formally endorsed
  • Not identify a non-government entity unless the government has formally agreed to endorse, sponsor or advertise that entity through a sponsorship agreement

The aim of the Private Sector Policy is to ensure the impartiality and transparency of government and to prevent implied or unintentional endorsement of private sector entities. Please see DPC Circular 023 Private Sector Endorsements  for further information.